Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

So here is my Thanksgiving turkey (and it's the closest I'll get to making anything with a turkey this Thanksgiving...hee hee!) I've been wanting to try these little "ribbon sculptures" for a while, and of course I wait until 2 days before Thanksgiving to throw together a turkey for my little one! My next try will be a snowman, so stay tuned for that one...and if you would like to order one, I'll try to whip one up a little faster this time! These are $4. Your little one can wear it solely as a clip, or you can clip it onto a bow as I have done here:

And since it is Thanksgiving, I would like to say that I am so thankful for my beautiful family, my health, my beloved friends, and of course, a gracious and loving Savior, Jesus Christ, who has blessed me with all of these gifts. Anyway, hope you all have a blessed and safe Thanksgiving holiday! Enjoy!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Bow holder for little sis!

A while back, I made a bow holder for Allie, the daughter of a very sweet friend of mine. Her little sister, Kate, is now 7 months old and is becoming quite the "bow girl" herself! :) Anyway, mom loved the first bow holder, so she requested one to match little sis Kate's room as well. This one is a little smaller than Allie's, but made the same way. Mom just told me the colors in her room and I whipped this one up for her! It is $16.

Here is a closeup:
I'm trying to come up with a cute and clever name for these bow holders...any suggestions? "Like" my Facebook page and post your suggestion on my wall, and if I use it, maybe I'll award you a free bow or two, who knows???

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Made to Match Monogrammed Bow

I made this bow to match a little girl's dress for a friend of mine...Aimee at Same Monogram monogrammed a pretty cursive "M" on it for me. The center knot is made with a diamond-print ribbon. I love green and brown together...so pretty for fall!

This is a large bow and it is $12.00.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

More pretty fall bows!

Here are some more bows I've been working on:

Large lime/zebra bow $9.00. This also looks great in hot pink or aqua blue!

Large layered "trick-or-treat" bow $9.00

Large red dot/apple green Christmas bow $8.00

Small soccer print bows $4.00 ea. I did a set of 2 for a friend whose little girl is playing soccer this fall, and wears pigtails! How cute!!

More monogrammed bows!

I put together a bow basket for a silent auction for an upcoming fundraiser for some friends (their almost 2-year-old daughter is going through chemo treatments at St. Jude for leukemia :( and the funds raised will go toward travel expenses, etc.), and with the help of Aimee at Same Monogram I was able to do some monogrammed bows. I thought they turned out really well!
Large white/pink with monogrammed ballet slipper $12.00

Large gold/purple with monogrammed pawprints (geaux tigers!) $12.00

Large black/sparkly gold with monogrammed fleur-de-lis (Who dat?) $12.00
There are plenty of other options for monogramming, including initials, just let me know what you might like and we can do it! I'm thinking I might monogram a pretty Christmas bow for my little one :)

Thursday, September 16, 2010

LSU layered boutique bow

Here is a new layered boutique bow I made for Avery with the new LSU collegiate ribbon...so cute! She has gotten so many compliments on it! Unfortunately, since this ribbon is licensed, I cannot put this one up for sale :( Buuuuttt...I can make a bow with any combination of your favorite team's colors, with polka dots, stripes, etc! A bow like this is $8.00.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Bows that make you go "Boo!"

I know, I know, Halloween is a little less than 2 months away...but I get a head start on everything! I already have the kids' Halloween costumes, for crying out loud! Anyway, these are some Halloween bows I've done...I'm working on a few other designs, so stay tuned!

Large "Candy corn" bow $8.00

Medium "Spooky spots" bow $6.00

Medium "Trick or Treat" bow $6.00

Monday, August 2, 2010


I'm so excited to announce that monogramming is now available for my bows! My sweet friend Aimee at Same Monogram is doing it for me, because God knows I am challenged when it comes to sewing! The monogramming can primarily be done on medium or large bows because of the ribbon size, but I am also thinking of some new projects that can be monogrammed as well...stay tuned! Anyway, if you would like to have a bow monogrammed, $4.00 will be added to the price of the bow. Here are some examples of what I have done so far:

The pony-o is $9.00 with the monogramming ($5.00 without). We can also make the letter a little bigger if you like.

This is a large bow (2 1/4" ribbon), and is $12.00 with the monogram.

And don't forget, my 30% sale is still going on!!! You can get some great deals...if you would like a monogrammed bow, the 30% only applies to the bow itself, not the monogram. So a bow like the one above would be $9.60 with the discount, which I still think is a great deal! Take advantage and stock up today!!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

More school bows!

These are a couple more school bows done in navy and khaki that I did for a customer. These can be done in any combination of colors/dots/stripes.

This one is a 2-layer boutique bow and is $9.

Boutique layered bow $8

Monday, July 26, 2010

Geaux beauxs!! :)

OK, I know the title is silly, but I couldn't resist. I'm coming up with some bows and other little projects for football season, and since we bleed purple and gold around here...

These are large bows and are $8.00. I can also make them in any other size or in any other combination of colors. So you don't have to be an LSU Tigers fan to place an order! :) Yes, I'll even make a Bama bow...whaaaat?

This is a pony-o I made for my little girl. It is actually made with a yellow ribbon rather than the gold.

Aimee from Same Monogram put a monogram on for me. The pony-o with the monogram is $9.00, without the monogram it is $5.00.

Large bows for Fall!

Here are some large bows I've been working on:

This one is great for back-to-school...I know, hard to believe that it's here already! This is a navy polka dot with khaki knot. I can also do any combination of khaki and navy in any size or style bow. This one is $8.00.

Layered pink/brown dot bow $9.00

Layered brown/aqua stripe bow $9.00

This one has to be my fave...I love green and brown together. :) It is layered, so it is $9.00.

I love this one too...it is also $9.00. There is actually fabric to match this pink floral ribbon at Hobby Lobby! Hmmm...I feel a project coming on for Aimee over at Same Monogram...:)

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Back-to-school stock-up sale!!

Hi everyone! Hope everyone is out there taking advantage of some of the great deals on back-to-school shopping...I know I am! Here's another deal for you...30% off all bows! I know it's time to start stocking up on some things for fall, so this might make it a little easier to buy the bows you need to match all of those cute new outfits. I also make bows in school colors (I'm currently working on some, which will be posted next week). This is for a limited time, so get those bow orders in today! Email me at bow.girl@yahoo.com.

It's almost time for football season, too...get a bow for your little girl to represent your favorite team...geaux Tigers!! :)

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

My first bow holder!

My friend (and loyal customer!) requested this to hold her little girl's bows...I got the idea from another blog. I covered a canvas in pink gingham fabric, and used ribbon to match the colors in her room. It is $15.00. This thing will hold a TON of bows! Hmmm...maybe I need to make one for my little princess...

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Minnie Mouse is in the house!

I'm so excited about these bows...this family is going to Disney in July (actually, they will be there for Independence Day). One of the girls doesn't like to wear bows (can you imagine?) so Mom requested some pony-o's for her, and 2 large bows for her younger daughter. One is made in a patriotic Minnie ribbon with blue underneath, and one is in a classic Minnie ribbon. Here are the pony o's...they are $5.00 ea.

And here are the bows...they are large bows with a double layer of ribbon, so they are $10.00.

Aimee from Same Monogram made some custom Minnie shirts for them as well...check out her blog http://www.samemonogram.blogspot.com/. We'll be taking our own trip to Disney next Spring (for which I am already planning!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Big sis bow!

I made this bow to match Baileigh's big sister shirt...her little sis will be here any day now! I'll have to dig up a picture of the shirt so you can see how well it matches. Congrats on being a big sis, Baileigh! This bow is $8...it is a medium boutique bow with a double layer of ribbon.

Here it is...sorry it's not a great pic, but you get the idea!

My first korker!

I made this korker bow to match a pair of shorts for Aimee from Same Monogram. I think it turned out pretty cute! I just hope Ms. Landrie likes it! This bow can be $6-$8, depending upon size (this one is the size of a medium boutique bow, and it is $8).

Here are the shorts that inspired it!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Made to Match, part deux!

How cute are these outfits! Aimee at Same Monogram (http://www.samemonogram.blogspot.com/) made these, and the customer wanted bows to match (same customer as in my last post). Everything turned out so adorable! Check out Aimee's blog for her other items (I can't get enough of her creations!) and we'll make a bow to match! And don't forget about my May special...take advantage of it while you can!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Made to Match!

Here are some custom bows I made recently, both for the same customer. This one is for a shirt made by Aimee at Same Monogram (http://www.samemonogram.blogspot.com/ ).

This bow I made to match a picture of the outfit the customer emailed to me (isn't the sailboat outfit ADORABLE!!??)

Shelby's mom took advantage of my May special and bought 3 bows for the price of 2 (the other bow was also made to match one of Aimee's shirts...pictures to come!) Shelby is going to look so cute on the beach this weekend with all of her pretty outfits and bows! Only 14 more days in May, so get your bow orders in to take advantage of the special!!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Patriotic layered bow

People seem to be liking these layered boutique bows...and since they are pretty fun to make, I'll keep coming up with some ideas! I figured since the next big holidays that are coming up are patriotic ones (and I have a ton of red/white/blue ribbon), that I would put this one together...it is $8.00. Of course, I have many patterns of red, white, and blue, as well as solids...so if you need a bow that is a little more "toned down", so to speak, then I can do that too (since this one is a little wild!) Hmmm...maybe my next layered bow will be an LSU themed one...stay tuned!

Thursday, May 6, 2010


So...I had to make Avery some more bows to match her new summer clothes (since the South Louisiana heat is starting to crank up and we are in our shorts and sundresses!) My friend Aimee from Same Monogram jokes with me...her kids have closets full of appliqued shirts, my daughter has a closet full of bows (ok, maybe not a closet full, but there are PLENTY!!) Here are the fun, bright colors I made for her...these are large boutique bows and are $8.00.

Here are some of the patriotic bows I've been working on, perfect for Memorial Day or the 4th of July...the first two pictures are small boutique bows, which are $4.00, and the last is a medium boutique bow, which is $6.00. I have lots of polka dot/printed ribbon in all sizes...so let me know what you might want and I can make it!

Monday, May 3, 2010

May Special!

Since it is May (and I am a mommy), how about a special in honor of Mother's Day? For the entire month of May, I am offering bows for buy 2 get 1 free (free bow must be of equal or lesser value). Get your little girl a pretty summer bow to wear with those cute sundresses, or a cute red, white and blue bow for Memorial Day/Independence Day! And remember, I can match any outfit you have with a custom bow! Also, check out www.samemonogram.blogspot.com for Aimee's latest shirts. I can match a bow to any of her outfits as well! Hope all you mommies have a lovely (and restful!) Mother's Day!!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Layered boutique bows...take two!

This was my second attempt at the bow for the parrot shirt...even cuter with the red ribbon! I can do these in any combination of colors to match an outfit...they are $8.00.