Monday, July 26, 2010

Geaux beauxs!! :)

OK, I know the title is silly, but I couldn't resist. I'm coming up with some bows and other little projects for football season, and since we bleed purple and gold around here...

These are large bows and are $8.00. I can also make them in any other size or in any other combination of colors. So you don't have to be an LSU Tigers fan to place an order! :) Yes, I'll even make a Bama bow...whaaaat?

This is a pony-o I made for my little girl. It is actually made with a yellow ribbon rather than the gold.

Aimee from Same Monogram put a monogram on for me. The pony-o with the monogram is $9.00, without the monogram it is $5.00.

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