Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Valentine's, Mardi Gras, St. Pat's!

I'm working hard on that New Year's resolution, ha ha! These are some bows I've been working on for the upcoming holidays...and they are on the blog in time for orders!! Yay!! These next few months are so busy for us...not only do we have Valentine's, Mardi Gras, St. Patrick activities, but my birthday is in February, and both kids are in March! And this year, we are throwing in a Disney trip just for kicks! Just trying to take it one day at a time...but anyway, these bows are medium sizes, but of course I can make a large bow using any of this ribbon by layering it on top of a solid color. I made a Mardi Gras bow for my little one last year with the Mardi Gras dots layered on top of a bright yellow ribbon that was super cute! And this year, Aimee at Same Monogram made my little ones shirts with conversation hearts on them, so I'm making Avery a layered bow with the conversation heart ribbon to match (picture to come!!)

Medium Mardi Gras dots $6

Medium Shamrock $6

Medium "heart camo" $6

Medium conversation hearts $6

Medium Valentine stripe $6

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